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New Home Trend : Colorful Kitchen

White kitchens replaced the natural wood look in the ’90s, but over the past year, designers have been experimenting with a new trend. Although an all-white kitchen may never go out of style, a pop of color in the kitchen has become a popular trend in the past two years. Drifting from neutral colors can add a welcoming and energetic feel to a kitchen, whether it be bold paint on your retro-inspired appliances, island, or cabinets.

You can start deciding on colors in your kitchen by determining how much of a permanent commitment you are willing to make. For example, the easiest and least expensive option is painting a wall, which can be easily updated should you want to paint it back to a neutral color. On the other hand, purchasing bold colored retro-inspired appliances would be a more expensive and permanent change.

Colorful Retro-Inspired Appliances


Colorful Cabinets


Colorful Island