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8 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

While we all might have visions of our dream kitchen dancing in our head or multiple images pinned to a Pinterest board—doing a full-scale renovation might not be in the budget at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. Here are a few easy ways to update your kitchen—no remodeling necessary.


1 Switch Out the Hardware

You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to give your old, outdated hardware a refresh. Warm up your finishes with a brass option in a sleek, modern shape. This will instantly make your kitchen look on-trend, but it won’t cost a fortune to achieve.


2 Paint the Cabinets

Yes, painting your cabinets is quite a bit of work, but it’s incredibly affordable! It’s the cost of a can or two of paint and some elbow grease if you’re doing it yourself. Products made by Rustoleum and Heirloom Traditions offer options where it is not necessary to sand your cabinets before painting. Whether you opt for a dramatic black or a soft dove gray, a couple coats of paint will completely transform the look of the entire space.

3 Add in Open Shelving

If you’ve got a massive blank wall to fill, you might want to consider adding some shelves. They’re a great way to show off your beautiful glassware, your collection of serveware, or gorgeous cookbooks—and they’ll give this room even more storage. Add sculptural or minimal brackets for that extra touch of elegance.

4 Add Under-Cabinet Lighting

Give this space some drama while showing off pretty display pieces. You can find a bunch of options, including LED battery-operated versions that just stick on. It’s a softer lighting option than overhead lighting—and it looks especially good at night.


5 Splurge on One New Appliance

Financially, it’s a little less intimidating to make big purchases like appliances one at a time. Choose whatever you use most or have the most issues with, and swap it out for a newer model. It will make your whole kitchen look and feel a bit newer.


6 Paint the Walls

Maybe you love your cabinet color but the rest of the kitchen is feeling a little blah. Punch it up with a new color on the walls. Whether you opt for a bright white or a darker hue, just make sure to pick a hue that complements your cabinets.


7  Add a New Backsplash

Transform the look of your kitchen immediately with a new backsplash.  From glass tile to marble mosaics, there are so many options that can bring your kitchen back to life.  Pick a more neutral tile if you have colored cabinets or a bold print if you have white cabinetry.

8 Change Your Light Fixtures

A pop or color or texture with new lighting will add a splash to your kitchen design.  This will be a focal point in your room, so be sure to pick something similar in size to what you already have installed for a seamless transition.