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10 Simple Projects To Complete During Uncertain CoronaVirus Times While You Are Spending Time At Home

During these interesting times we have all found ourselves stuck at home away from our day to day routines. It’s important to stay positive and remember that these unprecedented times allow time for renewed family bonding and even better, a time to catch up on all your home improvement projects. Stay busy and feel productive while you tackle some of these 10 simple projects. Most importantly remember that while many of our local businesses have been forced to close many are still facilitating online orders! It’s important to support our local businesses big and small.

1 – Paint – While not everyone will have the ability to go buy new paint touch up around the house is always possible! Freshen up paint by touching up existing walls or painting a few new walls with accent colors. One of the projects that can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home. If you choose to paint just one wall, go for a bold color to make a big impression.

2 – Declutter and Organization – now is the time to clear out the garage, empty the attic, organize your kitchen, and purge useless items that take up space in all those drawers you never open! Many small businesses and local hardware stores offer unique storage options that can be ordered online.

3 – Cabinet knobs and hardware – Give your kitchen or bathroom a simple and affordable update with new cabinet hardware. Order online directly to your door or for in-store pick up. Once you select your new hardware, you’ll just need a screwdriver to remove the old hardware and install the new pieces and give your space a new look.

4 – Cleaning rugs and carpets – Since you’re stuck inside, move your furniture out of the way and give your carpet or rugs a good cleaning. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, many home improvement stores offer them for rent. You can easily get three rooms done in a day if you can rent from the local grocery store or borrow from a neighbor.

5 – Replace outlet cover plates – Do you have switch-plate covers of various colors around your home that need a bit of updating? Take a couple hours to replace them. Switch plate covers come in a variety of colors and designs, including bright white, wood, brass and some with fun graphics. You can order these online.

6 -Create Wallpaper Accents – While you may not have time to do an entire room with wallpaper, creating an accent wall is a great indoor DIY project. Pre-pasted wallpaper is a good option since you don’t have to buy paste or a special applicator brush to get it to stick to your wall. If you want an even easier project that, consider these peel-and-stick wallpaper. Many great options for powder bathrooms, hallways, or kids rooms! Check out the great selection available in online stores.

7 – Gallery Wall and Family Photos – Now is the time to relive all your fun family vacations and pick your favorite family photos. Find the perfect wall in your home that could use a make over whether a hallway, entry, behind the sofa, or up the stairs. Pick out sizes of photos and frames from one of the many online vendors and then create a template on your wall for an exciting new layout!

8 – Replace Light Bulbs – Now is the time to get the ladder out and replace any light bulbs that have burnt out in hard to reach places or better yet update an entire room to LED to lower your electric bill.

9 – Power wash – our recent rain and windy weather can help clean up dust and dirt but it can also make things worse. Get some fresh air while you power wash the exterior of your home and hardscape areas giving a clean refreshed look. You can even bring back to life patio furniture and cushions! Don’t have your own power washer, ask a neighbor to borrow theirs.

10 – Landscaping Projects – Freshen up your front and backyard! Now is the time to get creative by doing a simple clean up on your yard. Trimming trees and shrubs, pulling weeds and cleaning out all the old junk you no longer use!