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5 Benefits of Buying a Coronado Vacation Home

There are amazing places all over the nation where you could get away from all the stress and take some much needed R&R, but few can match the beauty of Coronado.

This may seem a little biased, but we can proudly say that Coronado is a great place to go on vacation and once you’ve been here, you’re sure to come back. So why not buy your own vacation home in Coronado, right?


Pleasant all year round

When going on a vacation to the Pacific Northwest, you’ll most likely visit during their busiest time of the year so you’ll be battling crowds. During winter, there are almost no tourists because of the extreme cold.

Down south, specifically Florida, the Carolinas, and the Texas area, you’ll have to contend with the extreme heat. You could always visit during winter, but during that time most of the shops and attractions will be closed.

Now you must be thinking that there is no place that is perfect every day of the year, but that’s where you’re wrong. Coronado has great weather year-round! There’s no harsh cold or sweltering heat. Summer or winter, Coronado is the perfect place to be.


Low Hurricane Risks

During the recent Hurricane Harvey, it caused an approximate $125 billion in property damage, and that’s just in North Carolina.  Hurricane season can be terrifying because no one can control Mother Nature. Statistically speaking, however,he West Coast is significantly much safer from hurricanes when compared to the East or Gulf Coasts. The only hurricane that has hit Southern California was in 1858 and there have only been two tropical storms since the 1900s.


A little bit of everything

On vacation, you’ll want to do as many things as possible and try out new things, but not all places can give you everything you want. You might want to go to the beach, go boating on a bay, enjoy a leisurely drive through the countryside, go skiing down a snowy mountain, or maybe go on a hiking trip. Well, Coronado is one of the few places in this country that can give you all of that within a 1 hour drive!



Who wants to get stuck in traffic? You wouldn’t want to be cooped up inside your car when on vacation, right? In Coronado, you can leave your car at home and walk to the very heart of Coronado: the Village, where there’s no shortage of things to do. There are shops, casual and fine dining restaurants, boutiques, a movie theatre, playhouse and you can even ride a ferry across San Diego Bay  to visit downtown San Diego and Seaport Village.



When talking about vacationing on an island, people will think that it’s isolated. Usually that would be true, but Coronado is the exception to that rule. Going on a vacation to a remote island like Hawaii can take a whole day of travel from the East Coast and a half-day from the West Coast, which can be exhausting. Fortunately, you can get a short and affordable flight from almost every part of the country to Coronado.

When looking for a vacation home, the house isn’t the only thing that you need to take into account. You also have to look at the location and what it has to offer. Coronado is one of the only places that has everything that makes vacations worth while. We at the Clements Group have been the top real estate team in the area for over 7 years now and can certainly help you find your dream vacation home.